Fern is the only “faceless” fairy that I have done. These definitely grow on you. Originally I didn’t care for these designs. Nora does such amazing faces I couldn’t believe she would design these fairies this way, but have since changed my mind. Since completing her I have started on Bluebell and am eyeing several others. I also am doing my Round Robin project with these fairies. I guess I have talked myself into them. I will have to check on what fabric this is.


4 thoughts on “Fern

  1. She is Lovely, Johanna. I agree with you. At first I didn’t care for them, But they have grown on me too. I have not stitched any of them yet, and have several of the flower fairies or pixies for an afghan. Seeing your fern makes me want to add her to my afghan. She is quite elegant with just the right amount of beads. The fabric is perfect for her, too. Great job!

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