I hate that I can’t post my modelstitching pieces until they are published. So…I decided I would just post a little teaser of the complete design. Then when it is published I will replace it with the complete design. This one is for Cross Country Stitching Magazine and had a really tight deadline. I just barely got this one done on time – LOTS of metallic threads and backstitching. And now have to dive right into another one that is due in 3 more weeks. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Nutcrackers!

  1. What we can see certainly has potential…I like! Good luck with your new project and deadline. I’m not good at deadlines, at all…I tend to categorize those type stitches as ‘duty’ stitches and I’m afraid that my rebellious streak rears its ugly head during those times. LOL

  2. What a tease, Johanna! It looks so cute I want to see the whole thing. I knew Kathy would be all over this one. Good luck with your next dead-line. I know you can do it.

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