Obligation Stitching

A coworker asked me to stitch something for her garden club raffle. I had about a two week turnaround time. So I bought the frame first (Hobby Lobby 50% off = $7). Loved the look of a custom mat. I had the fabric and threads and found a design in my stash that fit perfectly. It was done in a week and charged her $15. She got a bargain!


3 thoughts on “Obligation Stitching

  1. She definitely got a bargain, and it looks fantastic! I don’t know about you but I absolutely despise duty stitches…I’m a fairly quick stitcher but when it comes to something involving an obligation stitch, I slow to a snail’s pace.

  2. She did get a great bargain and one lucky recipient will be getting a gorgeous piece. It all looks so perfect, like the frame was made for that sweet stitch. Good job and quick too.

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