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New Business!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this on my OWN blog! I started a hand-dyed cross-stitch business in June. I definitely stepped into it very gingerly not expecting much. But WOW! The response has been amazing. I have named the business “Fantasy Dyed Fabrics” and I invite everyone to join my FB group:

The reason I started the business is that I have been so frustrated with the current choices in purchasing cross-stitch fabric. I would find the PERFECT fabric, only to be disappointed by: 1) the month long wait to get it; and 2) it didn’t look anything like the photo that I had agonized over. What a waste! So it was kind of a smack your forehead moment – I can do this! So here I am, trying to solve these two problems and help out my fellow stitchers!  With my business I am only dyeing “solo-type” fabrics and no custom orders.  So the fabrics that are posted are the exact ones you will receive.  And you will receive them within days (not weeks) of your purchase.