Thought I would post this since I ran across it while deciding what Christmas decorations to use this year. This is a design that I created myself as an entry into a contest. I don’t consider myself as having any designing talent, but this was very fun to put together.

A New Finish

Just finished this little mermaid design over the weekend. Hard to see in the picture, but I subbed out one color in her tail with a seafoam metallic thread to add a little sparkle. The fabric is from Sunny Dyes called Under the Sea. Would love to find a “porthole” type of frame for her.

Obligation Stitching

A coworker asked me to stitch something for her garden club raffle. I had about a two week turnaround time. So I bought the frame first (Hobby Lobby 50% off = $7). Loved the look of a custom mat. I had the fabric and threads and found a design in my stash that fit perfectly. It was done in a week and charged her $15. She got a bargain!