TWO new cover designs

The current issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine has the design that I stitched for them on the cover! Yay!

THEN I get this book in the mail and I stitched the “U” on the cover (and several other examples of this alphabet inside).


A REAL cover this time!

I just got an email from JCS (because I subscribe) showing me the next issue and previewing some of the articles. It’s the scarecrow that I modelstitched for them! I’m so excited. I absolutely loved stitching this design and it was adorable when complete.

JCS Cover

Trying to be a Glass Half Full Kind of Person

If you follow my blog you know that I modelstitch for Just Cross Stitch Magazine. One of my last really big projects for them was the Patriotic Teapot. And to my surprise it actually made the cover. If you look really hard you can see it UNDER THE BARCODE! Thanks JCS!

June Stitchings

June in the modelstitching world is when the Christmas designs are usually done. Here’s a sneak preview of the design I just finished for Just Cross Stitch Magazine. Not a typical Christmas design, but it has a holiday theme:

Cover Design

Finished modelstitching this design in March and my friend Ginny told me that she saw it shown on the cover of the Christmas Ornament Preview issue. So excited. Been a while since I had anything on the cover. I have stitched two of these teapots and they are VERY time consuming – metallic threads, French knots, quarters stitches – you get the idea.

Nutcracker in JCS

I can now show the nutcracker that I stitched last summer. It is part of a four design set that is in the November/December issue of Just Cross Stitch.


Here is the layout in the magazine:

Lots of Modelstitching Updates

Just happened to go to the magazine websites and noticed that these two designs that I modelstitched are in the October issue. I really had fun with the owl teapot. It apparently is part of a series and there will be many more.

Trust in the Lord and Amazing Grace are obviously companions. Amazing Grace was in the August 2012 issue. Guess they have stopped sending me the issue when my project is in one of them. L

These cute cupcake towels were in the June 2012 issue. LOTS of fun to do!

This also in the June issue is an adorable cat and mouse alphabet sampler.


Wow! I’ve stitched a lot lately, but nothing is on my walls!

Halloween Design

I know it is November 2nd, but I was browsing Halloween designs (I guess for next year) and came across a design that I modelstitched in 2009. Funny how I forget about them and then seeing them again sets off an alarm in my brain! This one was for Imaginating and was definitely fun to do.

Another Mystery Modelstitching Project

Just finished up another project for Just Cross Stitch. Only showing a portion of the design until it is published early next year. This one was amazingly detailed with LOTS of backstitching and fractional stitches. Not my favorite, but the result was beautiful. I will post the finished picture once it is published, but for now just a “taste”.


I hate that I can’t post my modelstitching pieces until they are published. So…I decided I would just post a little teaser of the complete design. Then when it is published I will replace it with the complete design. This one is for Cross Country Stitching Magazine and had a really tight deadline. I just barely got this one done on time – LOTS of metallic threads and backstitching. And now have to dive right into another one that is due in 3 more weeks. Wish me luck!