New Business!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this on my OWN blog! I started a hand-dyed cross-stitch business in June. I definitely stepped into it very gingerly not expecting much. But WOW! The response has been amazing. I have named the business “Fantasy Dyed Fabrics” and I invite everyone to join my FB group:

The reason I started the business is that I have been so frustrated with the current choices in purchasing cross-stitch fabric. I would find the PERFECT fabric, only to be disappointed by: 1) the month long wait to get it; and 2) it didn’t look anything like the photo that I had agonized over. What a waste! So it was kind of a smack your forehead moment – I can do this! So here I am, trying to solve these two problems and help out my fellow stitchers!  With my business I am only dyeing “solo-type” fabrics and no custom orders.  So the fabrics that are posted are the exact ones you will receive.  And you will receive them within days (not weeks) of your purchase.

3 thoughts on “New Business!

  1. Finally, girl! I am so glad you put it on your blog. You are doing an amazing job at being a fabric dyer and I just LOVE your fabrics so much!! I think I have about 25 of them!! Almost all for Pixies. I wish you great success with your new business and look forward to seeing what you dye next 🙂

  2. I want to officially thank you for all of your help with this business, Ginny. You encouraged me to go for it and your advice has been so valuable. Plus — you are my biggest customer! Thanks for being my friend AND helping me get this venture off the ground.

  3. Aw, you are so sweet. You knew you wanted to do this a while ago. It just had to happen at the right time and you are doing great! Your fabrics are so beautiful. The representation of the fabrics is spot on and your attention to detail is perfection. You have definitely found your calling and I am so happy to support your awesome business, friend 🙂

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