My Introduction

This is definitely a new arena for me. Seeing everyone else’s blog made me finally decide it was time for mine. A little about me: my name is Johanna and I live in Ohio. My life revolves around my family (husband, 3 kids, 3 grandchildren) and cross-stitch in that order. I have been stitching for over 20 years. In my earlier years I enjoyed entering my finished projects in competitions until one of my entries was stolen. That was the turning point when I looked for a way to feed my stitching needs as well as have my work on display. The answer was modelstitching. Over the years I have modelstitched for quite a few designers. At present I have settled in with stitching for two magazines:  Cross-Country Stitching, and Just Cross-Stitch.  I hope to post my projects on here from works in progress to finishes to magazine designs (after they are published).  Thanks for reading my blog!

One thought on “My Introduction

  1. Johanna, Love your new blog. The Rose is beautiful and very pleasant to see when first entering your blog. I too have been thinking about creating a cross stitch or needlework blog. I think you did a great job with yours and I am looking forward to following you. Your finished pieces look fabulous! Thanks for sharing your talent.

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